Age Factor in Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement policies use one of three pricing methods. In deciding which policy to buy, it is important that you understand how these pricing methods are related to age so that you can gauge the impact on plan costs as you grow older.

Age Factor in Medicare Supplement Plans

Age Factor in Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement plans are based on one of three pricing structures. You should understand the pricing method of a plan before making a final decision.

There may be huge differences in premiums of Medicare Supplement plans even for the same coverage. It is advisable that you compare plans from various Carriers before deciding on which one to purchase.

  • Community-Rated pricing wherein the premium is decided regardless of age. It is the same for everyone in that ‘community’,
  • Issue-Age Rated wherein premiums are based on beneficiary’s age at the time of policy issuance, and
  • Attained-Age Rated wherein premiums are based on the beneficiary’s current age and increase with time.

Community-Rated pricing

Under Community-rated pricing structure, the same monthly premium is charged to everyone in that ‘community’ who has that Medicare Supplement plan, irrespective of age.

Issue-Age pricing

In Issue-age pricing, the insurance company bases the cost of your premium on your age at the time you are issued your Medicare Supplement policy. The premiums may be lower if you buy it at a younger age and will not increase due to age as get you older.

Any increases could be due to inflation or rising health care costs, not due to aging.

Attained-Age pricing

In Attained-age pricing structure, the plans may be priced lower than other policies when you first enroll with premiums increasing as you age. The pricing is related to the age you ‘attain’, not frozen based on age at the time of issuance.

Future increases in pricing could be twin-fold, age-related and due to inflationary trends.


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